Fly Away ...

Why can’t you fall in love?

Because I was not
made to rely on
someone other than myself.
Life has taught me
that I rule myself,
and everyone else
wishes only to reach inside
my chest and
take and take and take.

I have been complete
for a lifetime;
there is no void
for a love to fill.
I’ve built myself from nothing,
hands cracking and bleeding,
scars that will last an eternity

I could never belong
to someone.
I could never be yours,
and you could never be mine,
a push and pull that would
rip me from the peace
I’ve grown among the wildflowers
that dance and tangle with my roots.

So what?
I can’t fall in love.
I have a stone heart
and a steel soul.
The world is my only lover,
and adventure my only friend.
I have traced the melted line
where the sky kisses the sea;
I’ve felt mountains crumble
beneath my shaking hands.

You see,
a hunger flows through me.
A hunger that love
could never satisfy.

(via starredsoul)